woodworking baby gifts

Have you been thinking about what you can give for a baby gift? Perhaps I can give you a nudge in the direction of a woodworking baby gift.

Think about it… A wooden gift for that special baby would be a great idea for something that will not only last, but can be cherished though the years.

Wooden gifts are not anything new. There are all sorts of items that you can give as a baby gift that have unique designs, from furniture to toys and wooden decorations. Gifts like these are on an upward trend right now and something that everyone is sure to love.

There are a lot of baby items available for the fun and entertainment. Off the top of my head there are items like wooden keepsake birth block, alphabet letters that can spell out the babies name, baby letter blocks, and all sorts of personalized items that can be made for the ideal wooden baby gift.

Wooden Baby Gifts

Take a look at a few samples from my baby assembly line. Below you can see one of my projects for a unique baby gift idea. Below you will find my wooden baby onesies at various stages of development. Check out the various stages and let me know what you think.


Wooden Baby Onesies

Click on the picture to see a larger image.

baby onsie blanks
baby onesie template
baby onesy cutting
wooden baby gift cutouts
woodworking baby gift unfinished
woodworking baby gift pink
woodworking baby gift stained
wood onesie stained
wooden baby gift stained lettered

These wood onesies are carved and finished in various styles. Some people like the natural wood finish. Other people like them stained, painted or whitewashed. What style do you think is best?

If you have any questions about wooden baby gifts give me a shout and we can see what we can come up with together.