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CNC Wood Services – Carving, Machining & Woodworking

CNC wood services are done when machining and carving is used with wood machining bits in a motor that is controlled by a computer. With a 60 inch by 96 inch platform most signs and carvings are not an issue.

The thickest carving possible for my CNC machine is 3 Inches thick. I have access to 1000’s of different fonts and graphics so your imagination is the limit to what is available to machine 3d carve.

I have access to all the NFL teams and college teams. If you look at some of my photos you will see a lot of pine wood and some walnut. Every wood will stain and paint differently.

The projects that you see can be shipped finished or unfinished for you to decorate as you want. Some larger wood signs may be made out of plywood and wrapped in lumber to hide the edges or they may be glued up panels if no lumber border is wanted.


CNC Woodcarving Projects

For Your Inspiration

If you are loooking for some inspiration on your project,  take a look at the gallery below.

You can browse below to see additional clip art designs. In addition to the many projects you have seen, I can also create any of these items with unique finishes.

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