New lasers are in the house….

It’s always a good day when we get new equipment at Mark Cox Woodworking.

The first set of pictures take place on delivery day. What’s inside the box? Well we have a special CO2 laser which is used for items like tumblers, when removing the texture coating or by sparying a marking agent if you want them to be black or white lettering.

It can also be used for marking wood, like coasters or wooden coins. If you’d like more details about the laser or any specs, feel free to give me a shout.

The very last picture is what I call a fiber laser. This laser is strickly for metal like aluminum business cards, knives, guns, and various tumblers. Check out the process below.

co2 laser
co2 laser 2
co2 laser
co2 laser 4
co2 laser 5
co2 laser engraving
co2 laser etching
co2 laser marking
fiber laser

As always, thanks for stopping by. Free free to contact me any time to connect or get further details.


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